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Product name:

Bakery Machine

BL8266 has functions of APP near/far controls bakery machine, set machine work mode
Product description

With near/far field network communication and serial port link to main controller, BL8266 has functions of APP near/far controls bakery machine, set the machine start up/pause/stop, set mode/bake color/weight, timer, panel informations report to APP, etc.. With Amazon Alexa Skill, users could voice control the machine start up/pause/stop, and set mode/bake color/weight, time, etc..

Block Diagram

Product Function:

1. 17 kinds of bread selectable on menu(1.soft bread 2.sweet bread 3.natural ferment bread 4. croissant bread 5.whole-wheat bread 6.quick ready bread 7.sugar-free bread 8.cereal bread 9.milk toast 10.cake 11.knead dough 12.ferment dough 13.jam 14.bake 15.yogurt 16.gluten-free bread 17.self-program

2.Three bake colors(light/middle/dark) selectable

3.Three weights(500g/750g/1000g) selectable

4.Up to 8 alarm clocks settable

Module Features/parameters:

1: Compliant with 802.11b/g/n protocal

2:WIFI Direct (P2P) Soft-AP

3: Alexa, Google Home cloud protocal stack integrated

4: UART,I2C,ADC,PWM,I/O port etc. link resourses are pre-reserved.

5: Sleep mode consumption is less than 1mW

Module Picture

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