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FAE Engineer


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1. Strong writing and language expression skills, good at communication;
2. Experience in 2.4G wireless FAE is required;
3. Debugging and testing of basic products;
4. Technical support for external production outsourcing factories of the company;
5. Certification testing of new devices;
6. Counterpart resolution of customer technical issues;
7. Technical risk control of outsourced suppliers;
8. Complete production work under the unified allocation of the company;
9. Meet the company's performance requirements for products;

Bluetooth Sales Engineer


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1. College degree or above, major in semiconductor, electronic computer, or marketing or related fields;
2. More than two years of relevant work experience, familiar with the sales channels of Bluetooth audio, digital HID keyboards, and other products;
3. Familiar with the Bluetooth electronics industry product market, with sales experience in promotional solutions, and understanding of mainstream industry technologies;
4. Positive and enthusiastic, quick thinking, and strong adaptability;
5. Good communication skills and customer relationships;
6. Good image, strong sense of responsibility, and team spirit;
7. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
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