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General purpose 32bit ARM core MCU
Product description

GD32F107xx Main Features

ARM ® CortexTM-M3 core

● Frequency up to 108 MHz
● Single-cycle multiplier and hardware divider
● NVIC support 16 internal and 43 external interrupts, each interrupt has 16 priority levels

Flash memory

● Flash up to 1024 KB
● SRAM up to 96 KB
● 2KB ISP loader ROM

Low-power management

● Support power saving mode: sleep, deep-sleep and standby mode
● Independent battery supply for RTC and backup register

High performance analog peripherals

● 3 x 12bit, 1μs ADC (16 channels)
● 2 x DAC

Integrated peripherals interface

● Up to 5 x USART/Irda/LIN/ISO7816
● Up to 3 x SPI (18Mbit/s)
● Up to 2 x I2C (400Kbit/s)
● Up to 2 x CAN2.0B (1Mbit/s)
● USB OTG 2.0 FS (12Mbit/s)
● 10/100M Ethernet MAC

On-chip resources

● 1 x SysTick Timer, up to 10 x GPTM, 2 x Basic Timer, 2 x WDT, 7-chs DMA supported: timers, ADC, SPIs,I2Cs and USARTs
● 80% available GPIO
● 32 bit CRC
● Clock: HSI (8MHz) and LSI (40KHz)
● External Memory Control supported: LCD, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR-Flash, NAND Flash
● 96-bit Unique ID with patented encryption algorithm

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